About Us

At Ange De La Mer Salon and Spa, we believe that the more life gets overwhelming, the more you deserve a break! As such, our aim is to provide you, our clients, with the ultimate retreat- a close to home escape to a luxurious spa treatment.

Our spa offers a unique experience for you, as we offer not just quality, but also an aesthetic environment guaranteed to make the worries of your life a thing of the past while you’re pampered by our exceptional estheticians. Whether it’s a tough day or week or even a year, we have the right packages to help slow the momentum of life down. Let yourself indulge in the luxury of unwinding: take a sip, relax, and breathe in the luxury and comfort that our salon has to offer. 

About The Business

Ange De La Mer prides itself on being a one-stop beauty and skin care establishment. We provide a range of services so you don’t have to go to visit several places to get everything you need. As a business, we aim to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the services that they receive. Thus, we pay attention to detail and take the time to understand that the unique individuals who visit our salon deserve the highest quality products and the utmost care that we offer at Ange De La Mer.

Why Choose Us?

When Ange De La Mer was conceptualized, it was based on the idea of providing a wide variety of services that would cater to a larger audience than what most salons currently offer. Since a spa and salon retreat is designed to be relaxing, our clients are provided with all the services in-house. Additionally, our pricing is lower than most other businesses in the area, making it possible for clients to avail a spa day any time they might need it.

All of our staff members are highly certified so our clients get the best results possible. We guarantee customer satisfaction through excellent care and top-notch products made from high quality and fresh ingredients. We understand how sensitive the skin is and therefore don’t compromise on the quality of the products we use, allowing us to standout from the rest, and explaining why our clients have only great things to say about us.